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Develop a deeper courting with God and a deeper realizing of His notice in precisely ninety days! you could think the Bible's total message, yet have you ever actually grasped the total tale? occasionally figuring out the Scriptures turns out daunting. notwithstanding God's message of affection is straightforward, in order that even a baby might include it, His epic tale is complicated adequate to mystify even the main curious mind. We seize the items even more simply than we understand the whole.

In 90 Days via the Bible, acclaimed devotional author Chris Tiegreen and stroll through the Bible consultant you thru the most important sections of Scripture, meditating on how every one tale and subject matter, just like the items of a puzzle, superbly contributes to God's nice tale. you will come to appreciate the center of God, and the awe-inspiring tale he is telling, like by no means sooner than. With a 13-session consultant and dialogue questions for mirrored image, this is often the fitting source for small teams, members, and church teams.

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MEL SVENDSEN Lead pastor, Riverview Church, Bonsall, CA If you want to read the story of the Bible, do not miss 90 Days Thru the Bible.  . a simple narrative that will lead you through the major people, places, and events in a way that will capture your imagination in fresh and creative ways. In an age of biblical illiteracy, what an awesome way to see and remember the greatest story of all time. STEVE KEYES Pastor 90 Days Thru the Bible is a beautifully written devotional that provides a powerful and penetrating journey through God’s Word that enables the reader to draw from the depths of Scripture for encouragement, strength, and wisdom for life application.

All rights reserved. NKJV is a trademark of Thomas Nelson, Inc. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Tiegreen, Chris. 90 days thru the Bible : a devotional journey from Walk thru the Bible / Chris Tiegreen. p. cm. ISBN 978-1-4143-5309-8 (sc) 1. Bible—Meditations. I. Title. 5—dc23 2012015842 Build: 2012-07-26 11:16:59 Contents Introduction Day 1: The Old Testament Day 2: Genesis 1–3 Day 3: Genesis 4–11 Day 4: Genesis 12–24 Day 5: Genesis 25–36 Day 6: Genesis 37–50 Day 7: Exodus 1–15 Day 8: Exodus 16–34 Day 9: Exodus 35–40 Day 10: Leviticus Day 11: Numbers 1–10 Day 12: Numbers 11–36 Day 13: Deuteronomy Day 14: Joshua Day 15: Judges Day 16: Ruth Day 17: 1 Samuel Day 18: 2 Samuel Day 19: 1 Kings Day 20: 2 Kings Day 21: 1 Chronicles Day 22: 2 Chronicles Day 23: Ezra Day 24: Nehemiah Day 25: Esther Day 26: Job Day 27: Psalms 1–41 Day 28: Psalms 42–72 Day 29: Psalms 73–89 Day 30: Psalms 90–106 Day 31: Psalms 107–150 Day 32: Proverbs Day 33: Ecclesiastes Day 34: Song of Songs Day 35: Isaiah 1–39 Day 36: Isaiah 40–59 Day 37: Isaiah 60–66 Day 38: Jeremiah 1–29 Day 39: Jeremiah 30–52 Day 40: Lamentations Day 41: Ezekiel 1–39 Day 42: Ezekiel 40–48 Day 43: Daniel 1–6 Day 44: Daniel 7–12 Day 45: Hosea Day 46: Joel Day 47: Amos Day 48: Obadiah Day 49: Jonah Day 50: Micah Day 51: Nahum Day 52: Habakkuk Day 53: Zephaniah Day 54: Haggai Day 55: Zechariah Day 56: Malachi Day 57: The New Testament Day 58: Matthew 1–16 Day 59: Matthew 17–28 Day 60: Mark Day 61: Luke: The Ministry of Jesus Day 62: Luke: The Parables of Jesus Day 63: John 1–12 Day 64: John 13–21 Day 65: Acts 1–12 Day 66: Acts 13–28 Day 67: Romans 1–8, 12–16 Day 68: Romans 9–11 Day 69: 1 Corinthians Day 70: 2 Corinthians Day 71: Galatians Day 72: Ephesians Day 73: Philippians Day 74: Colossians Day 75: 1 Thessalonians Day 76: 2 Thessalonians Day 77: 1 Timothy Day 78: 2 Timothy Day 79: Titus Day 80: Philemon Day 81: Hebrews Day 82: James Day 83: 1 Peter Day 84: 2 Peter Day 85: 1 John Day 86: 2 John Day 87: 3 John Day 88: Jude Day 89: Revelation 1–3 Day 90: Revelation 4–22 Conclusion Appendix Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8 Session 9 Session 10 Session 11 Session 12 Session 13 About Walk Thru the Bible About the Author Note To John Fretz, Sandy Eidson, and Maggie Eldridge—with sincere gratitude for shepherding Walk Thru the Bible’s live events for almost three decades.

He works through His people, speaks through His prophets, and lays out pieces of His plan. He calls and cultivates, chastens and refines, and progressively reveals glimpses of His true nature. Over time, He draws all of His people back to Him. Questions for Reflection What first comes to mind when you think of the Old Testament? How important do you think it is to our understanding of the New Testament? Why? Day 2 Genesis 1–3 In a sense, the whole Bible is contained in the book of Genesis. Granted, much of it is veiled—there are only subtle hints of God’s plan of redemption and His ultimate purpose for humanity—but the scope of Scripture is remarkably foreshadowed by the fifty chapters of Genesis.

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