By Nicolas Lerner

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This textbook presents an in depth remedy of summary integration conception, building of the Lebesgue degree through the Riesz-Markov Theorem and likewise through the Carathéodory Theorem. it's also a few simple houses of Hausdorff measures in addition to the elemental homes of areas of integrable services and conventional theorems on integrals looking on a parameter. Integration on a product house, switch of variables formulation in addition to the development and research of classical Cantor units are taken care of intimately. Classical convolution inequalities, equivalent to Young's inequality and Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequality are confirmed. The Radon-Nikodym theorem, notions of harmonic research, classical inequalities and interpolation theorems, together with Marcinkiewicz's theorem, the definition of Lebesgue issues and Lebesgue differentiation theorem are additional themes incorporated. an in depth appendix presents the reader with a number of parts of easy arithmetic, similar to a dialogue round the calculation of antiderivatives or the Gamma functionality. The appendix additionally offers extra complicated fabric similar to a few simple houses of cardinals and ordinals that are necessary within the research of measurability.​

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As a result, ψ0−1 ◦ tk is a simple function (in particular with finite values since tk has values < 1) with limit f . The sequence ψ0−1 ◦ tk is increasing as tk is and ψ0−1 is increasing. The proof of the theorem is complete. 11 E(t) stands for the integer value of t ∈ R, also called floor function or greatest integer function: E(t) is the unique integer such that E(t) ≤ t < E(t) + 1. 12 The integer value is measurable since E −1 ([a, +∞[) = [a, +∞[ if a ∈ Z and if a ∈ / Z, E −1 ([a, +∞[) = [E(a) + 1, +∞[.

With BRd standing for the Borel σ-algebra on Rd , one of the goals of this book is to provide a construction of a positive measure defined on BRd , such that, for aj ≤ bj real numbers, we have μ [aj , bj ] (bj − aj ). = 1≤j≤d 1≤j≤d It is the d-dimensional version of the example (6) on page 18. (9) Cauchy probability on R with parameter α > 0. It is the positive measure with density 1 α . π α2 + t2 We note that 1 α dt R π α2 +t2 = 1 π +∞ arctan(t/α) function of the probability μ on R as = 1. We define the repartition −∞ F (t) = μ (−∞, t[ .

Our first convergence theorem is due to Beppo Levi. a. Beppo Levi Theorem). Let (X, M, μ) be a measure space where μ is a positive measure. Let (fn )n≥0 be a sequence of measurable functions X → R+ . , fn converges pointwise increasingly towards f . Then the function f is measurable and fn dμ = sup lim n→∞ X n≥0 fn dμ = X f dμ. X We can note that the convergence assumption is reduced to pointwise convergence. Of course, without the additional hypothesis of monotonicity, the result is not true in general22 .

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