By Alison Fraser

ISBN-10: 0263752046

ISBN-13: 9780263752045

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He was teasing again. Or Kate supposed he was from the wicked gleam in his eye, too staged to be real. He’d risk it indeed! She didn’t think he was referring to the rain. ’ Frowning, Kate spotted Howard threading through the crowd—Sylvia in tow. Their progress was delayed by greetings from other guests but Kate knew it was a temporary reprieve when she caught Howard’s heavy glances in her direction. With a grimace, she realised it would probably be sensible to return to his side, suitably apologetic for her absence.

Kate detected no humour for once. ’ she returned stiffly. ’ They stared at each other for a moment longer and Kate felt his hold relaxing, his fingers brushing lightly where they might have bruised. Not an unpleasant sensation but she shivered all the same. ‘You’re cold. ’ Hand at her elbow, he guided her ahead of him and it wasn’t until they reached the patio doors that Kate was quite certain he was favouring his left leg. She had thought his sense of humour more subtle. ‘I don’t find that funny,’ she said, rounding on him to find his frown of incomprehension even more irritating.

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