By Gerd Hardack, Dieter Karras, Ben Fine

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"We stay in an Age of Endarkenment. Our monetary, social and political structures have failed us. sleek economics has now not performed what it promised. It has widened the distance among wealthy and bad. It has now not allotted the world's assets relatively. It has introduced the West to the edge of monetary wreck. It has valued temporary achieve greater than long term development.

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It CUTS through the established conventions and even shows lack of taste, formal imperfection and so on. It belongs to the category of the unnameable, the unspeakable, the unforseeable, which cannot be grasped or sensed or experienced in a univocal sense. "The sublime", writes Boileau, "is not stnctly speaking something which is proven or demonstrated, but a marvel, which seizes one, strikes one, and makes one feel" (Lyotard, 1989, 202). As an instance of the sublime, the work of art thus creates a world apart, in which the formless and the monstruous can only be revealed ill what Kant calls negative presentation.

And though it is akin to the category of Reason, the noumenal, which is III Kant's view the transcendental category par excellence of practical reason, of ethics, it can never be reduced to a determinate value, be it a moral or an aesthetical one. The sublime and supreme "value" of art resides in its axialogical indetermmacy, its privation of any specific and already established value. The moment it is no longer rejected as incomprehensible it becomes a mere object of art, which will he preserved in museums and cherished by the art market.

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A Short History of Socialist Economic Thought by Gerd Hardack, Dieter Karras, Ben Fine

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