By Bob Shaw

ISBN-10: 0575071478

ISBN-13: 9780575071476

Paradoxically, for Gilbert Snook - who thought of himself the human identical of a neutrino, a particle in a position to trip throughout the Earth with out demanding the other particle - it began with the panic that the sighting of the anti-neutrino planet because it approached Earth. Earth used to be unaffected yet Snook ended up in a small African Republic instructing English to diamond miners. Then the miners all started seeing ghosts and Snook came upon himself on the centre of a strange and far-reaching clinical discovery - and in the midst of a few very soiled political infighting.

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Hannaday hadn’t relieved me of my Smitty, though the Stinger rack was back at camp. Nichols was sucking down another of those Paki horse turds as he fondled the barrel of his Mossberg jungle gun—a 40mm automatic shotgun that should have had Hannaday sweating. The Gobi lumbered along outside the oval windows, low and slow. The pilot was looking for something. Someone. Curiosity finally got the better of my common sense. ” “Special delivery,” said Hannaday, surprising me. He wasn’t much given to sharing information.

We were a training cadre. They brought in kids with attitude, we ran them through some high-fatality training, they pulled them back out to go fight the bad guys. There was no way out but by plane. That way the kids wouldn’t run off. And no one ever came around asking inconvenient questions about the row of graves on the far side of the ger camp. You could make it out by truck. Damned long haul, though, and you had to pack along enough water and fuel. Didn’t matter anyhow. There weren’t any trucks in camp right now, just a couple of old Chinesesurplus BJC jeeps.

And damn me if we didn’t bounce to a landing somewhere not much different from anywhere else. There were cloud shadows on the ground, and a small herd of yaks in the distance. That meant Mongolians somewhere—their animals had a wide range, but they weren’t left completely unattended. “Out,” said Hannaday. ” Nichols popped the door seals in a wash of fuel reek, then dropped the aluminum boarding ladder. I made my way carefully after him, one step at a time on my bad legs. It stank outside, of fire and something nasty-chemical.

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