By Christian Ullerich

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​Disassembly is likely one of the key components of any processing of recovered items. Be it for fix, remanufacturing, refurbishing, cannibalisation, fabric recycling, or disposal. consequently, making plans the disassembly is critical and—with becoming quantities of recovered items and want for saving resources—becomes much more vital. The disassembly making plans ways offered are in line with mathematical programming. With this technique, a profit-optimal making plans of amounts of a number of sorts of recovered items in addition to components distribution, fabric recycling, and disposal amounts is realised. Thereby,typical elements, like fabric purity specifications, the situation of the recovered items, dangerous elements, and capability boundaries, also are thought of. a brand new technique is the offered mix of disassembly-to-order making plans and disassembly sequencing, often known as versatile Disassembly Planning.

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46 47 Cf. Lee / Cho / Hong (2010): A hierarchical end-of-life decision model . 48 Of course, in disassembly sequencing a more detailed planning is done, which can be seen by the use of and/or graphs or other approaches that go beyond a disassembly tree structure. Here, a more detailed planning of the incomplete disassembly with regard to the optimal quantities to order, to disassemble, to distribute, to recycle, and to dispose of is necessary. 49 For this reason we call the incorporation of a more flexible disassembly process in the planning flexible disassembly planning.

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