By F. Paul Wilson

Aftershock & Others is the 3rd selection of brief fiction by big apple Times bestselling writer F. Paul Wilson, hailed through the Rocky Mountain News as “among the best storytellers of our times.”

The name novelette received the Bram Stoker Award and its partners contact at the previous, current, and future—from the inflationary madness of Weimar Germany (“Aryans and Absinthe”) to disco club–era ny (“When He was once Fab”), to the rationing of scientific providers in a grim close to destiny (“Offshore”). Wilson’s stylistic range and flexibility are on reveal in tales that pay tribute to Ray Bradbury (“The November Game”), use a sentient killer virus as a point-of-view personality (“Lysing towards Bethlehem”), and pay unabashed homage to natural pulp fiction in yellow peril tales (“Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong” and “Part of the Game”). and eventually, Wilson treats us to his well known antihero Repairman Jack at his such a lot artistic: trapped in a drugstore with 4 killers (“Interlude at Duane’s”).

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Please don’t hurt me! ” What a wonder it is to have physical power over a man. I never realized until this instant how fear has influenced my day-to-day dealings with men. True, they run the world, they have the power of influence—but they have physical power as well. Somewhere in the depths of my mind, running as a steady undercurrent, has been the realization that almost any man could physically overpower me at will. Although I never before recognized its existence, I see now how it has colored my waking life.

The Dark Harvest hardcover of Reborn, the fourth volume (though chronologically the second) in what I’d eventually call the Adversary Cycle, was published in March, followed a few months later by the Jove mass-market edition with one of the worst covers ever to sully my work: a lolling-tongued demon leering from atop a doorway. Beyond awful. I’d complained about it but no one was listening. The advance orders to this sequel to The Keep were excellent, so where’s the problem? Right. Where was the problem?

But now clouds gather over my Elysian fields as I remember Karl’s betrayal. I’d thought he avoided me in order to protect his family name, but the dream-Maria’s words have not only awakened my memory, they’ve shed new light on all the things that happened to me after that night I went to Karl’s uncle’s house. The clouds darken and thunder rumbles through the distant mountain passes as my anger and suspicion grow. I don’t know if Karl lied and betrayed me as the dream-Maria said, and I don’t know if he was the one who killed his uncle, but I do know that he deserted me in my hour of most dire need.

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