By Hiroaki Hijikata

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ISBN-13: 9780123480316

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Artin: Algebraic Structure of power series rings, Contemp. Math. 13, Amer. Math. S o c , Providence (1982) 223-227. M. Artin and J. Denef: Smoothing of a ring homomorphism along a section. Arithmetic and Geometry. 11, Birkhäuser, Boston 1983. J. Becker, J. Denef and L. Lipshitz: The approximation property for some 5-dimensional henselian rings. Trans, of the AMS 276(1983) 301-309. J. Becker, J. Denef, L. Lipshitz and L. van den Dries: Ultraproducts and approximation in local rings I, Invent. Math.

3) For all (λ, μ) φ (0,0) the matñx of derivatives {1/2)Θχ: ( 3λ' ( i m : V - 5λ/χ4 Χ^Λ-^μ^ AV 2AV^ has rank two. § 2 . T h e sextic s p a c e c u r v e 5 . 3). So 5 C P3 is a smooth rational curve of degree six. ( 2 . , three points on a trisecant L{s,t) to S. 48 W . B A R T H and R . M O O R E Proof. Ρ 3 ( λ , μ ; 5 , 0 = 0 impHes P | = d^Pi = 0. A glance at the explicit form of these polynomials (Section 1) shows that the three points χ(λ,,μ») lie on the two planes with dual coordinates βΨ 23ψ : βΨ : st^ : t{2s^-\-t^) : 5sH : s{s^ - 2t^) : Zs^ -1\ One easily checks their independence.

4 ) this would imply χ e D. So for χ ^ D U Γ the curve 5 χ has ordinary double points only. By the genus formula their number is ten. 1) Assume χ φ DöT. Then 3χ has exactly six tntangents Li. None of these Li contains a node of 5 χ nor do three Li have a point in common. Proof. , the plane W C P3 through χ determined by L touches 5 in three points, hence W contains coplanar tangents. By ( 2 . 4 ) we have W = W{s,t) for some (5 : ¿) G P i , and L is the projection of L{s,t). In this way the tritangents to 3χ correspond one to one with the trisecants L{syt) satisfying χ G W ( s , t ) .

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